Head of the Charles 2021

We are pleased to report on a very successful effort at the 57th Head of the Charles regatta in Boston over the October 21-24 weekend.
LBJC was represented by 29 rowers and 4 coxswains including alternates Taylor Donato, Cecelia Mason, Maximillian Ryan, Christian Sandahl and Ezekiel Young. All told, LBJC rowers earned medals in 2 events!

First down the course was the Women’s Youth Coxed Quad with Charlotte Burnham, Samantha Hutchings, Sydney Perry, Sydney Macklin, and Breanna Pearlman (cox) that finished 8th out of 52 entries.

Next the Women’s Youth Eight with Tessa Griffin, Iza Gwizdak, Leah Short, Lynna Ov, Hailey Bergstrom, Sydney Chait-Walter, Olivia Aceves, Allegra Steege, and Annika Morallos (cox) finished 24th out of 76 entries and earned GOLD medals for finishing first for Under 17 entries!

Next the Men’s Youth Coxed Quad with Tate Griffin, Zach Hutchings, Nicolas Gonzalez, Charlie Josephbek, and Jake Bazulto (cox) finished in 5th place out of 47 entries and earned a 5th place medal. (Events with more than 40 entries provide for medals up to 5th place.)

Next the Men’s Youth Eight of Andrew Josephbek, Cooper Hemmings, Kian Price, Andrew Geller, Talon Guiterrez, Luka Singhal, Roan Hutton, Nathan Cheng, and Mitchell Cruz (cox) finished 59th out of 80 entries.¬† This accomplishment was achieved with 2 Novice rowers and 2 first year Varsity that due to Covid, were¬†racing for the first time.

Congratulations to the HOCR rowers and coxswains for an outstanding performance.

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