Live Video Options

Three easy ways to enjoy live streaming:

    1. YouTube (All computers and devices, especially mobile)

    Simply visit the LBJC YouTube channel,

    2. LBJC Streaming Server (iPad’s and iPhones on fast WiFi connections)

    From any iOS device, or any other device that supports Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), access our Streaming Server directly

    3. Roku Player (Televisions with connected Roku streaming players, available at many retailers)

    The easiest way to see the regatta on your Roku is to use the YouTube channel built into the player – simply search for ‘Long Beach Junior Crew’.

    A ‘Roku player’ is a small easy to use device that lets you watch streaming services like Amazon, NetFlix, and HBO on traditional as well as ‘smart’ TV’s. They have a range of products priced below $100, and are available at stores such as Best Buy. You’ll need a reliable and reasonably fast connection to the Internet.

    The LBJC Private Channel on a Roku player offers the best HD viewing experience on traditional televisions, and also supports ‘DVR’ features that may allow you to rewind up to several hours. To view the LBJC Roku channel, follow these steps:

    1. Log into your Roku account from your computer,
    2. Select ‘Add a Channel‘ under ‘Manage Account‘,
    3. Enter the invitation code ‘LBJC‘ and confirm,
    4. The ‘Channel Added’ confirmation page may mention a need to purchase, but the LBJC channel is free, so you can disregard,
    5. From your Roku player, navigate to ‘Settings‘ | ‘System Update‘ to have the LBJC channel added to your player immediately,
    6. The LBJC channel will likely be listed last among your channels – look for the LBJC oars and shield. The DVR functionality can be accessed only if you select from the two DVR options. Choose the correct resolution for your TV – most modern TV’s are ‘1080’, but many older / smaller TV’s are ‘720’.
    7. Enjoy the broadcast! We’re curious how the Roku works for you (very well we hope), so please e-mail [email protected] to let us know.

Notes about the broadcast:

  • The broadcast is not an official record of the race, and is neither intented nor designed to be used in support of protests or other official race matters.
  • Race times shown are tentative and subject to change at any time, and should not be relied upon in lieu of official race instructions and/or coaches direction.
  • The finish line camera for the broadcast is located twenty to thirty feet from the actual line, so it’s not an accurate guide to finish order.
  • LBJC is unable to provide replays of the racing apart from the streaming capabilities provided above to all viewers, but may publish recordings and/or individual races in the days following the regatta.
  • This is a community-based production staffed by LBJC parents, so please be understanding of the technical glitches that almost certainly will happen from time to time.
  • The broadcast typically lags reality by thirty or more seconds to help ensure uninterrupted viewing.
  • Viewing over cellular connections will require one to two gigabytes of data transfer per viewing hour – this may affect your cellular bill…
  • We can’t make any promises since we’re very busy during the event, but please e-mail [email protected] with any questions, issues or comments. We welcome your feedback to help make next year’s broadcast even better!
  • We’re always open to new volunteers – stop by ‘broadcast central’ at building 10N on Boathouse Road if you’d like to help!

Credits and Thanks:

  • The Long Beach Junior Crew Board of Directors
  • Commentators:
    • Renn Levy
    • John Nunn

  • Production Staff:
    • David McBride (Production and Technology)
    • Wilson Navarro (Race Schedule and Data Interface)
    • Jerry Nulte (Broadcast Engineer)
    • Denise Shokoohi (Camera)
    • Philip Smith (Data Network and Camera)